Resourceful Lawn Maintenance in Star, Eagle & Meridian

What Is Included In Our Lawn Maintenance Services?

Chances are the biggest percentage of your property is taken up by your grass. As a result, lawn maintenance is essential to your property maintenance. Resource Land Care goes beyond a basic mow to ensure your lawn is pristine with edging, trimming, and blowing out.

Why Choose Resource for Your Lawn & Property?

Resource Land Care cares about your property as much as you do. As a full-service property care company, we care for all your home’s needs. Why choose us over other companies?

  • Quality – Quality comes first. We have trained, skilled professionals who pay attention to detail work on every inch of our lawn maintenance, landscaping, and other services.
  • Professionalism – You’ll love our work, and we want you to love working with us too. The journey matters as much as the destination. We treat our clients with respect and prioritize integrity, punctuality, and honesty.
  • Full Service – Finding a company you can trust is difficult. So when you find one that does it all, it can save you a lot of trouble! As a full-service property care company, we can handle your landscaping, hardscaping, handyman services, and much more.

Why Does Proper Lawn Maintenance Matter for Your Property?


Beautify Your Property

Your lawn takes up a lot of space, and it’s often people’s first impression of your property. An overgrown lawn makes people think you don’t care about your home. But on the other hand, keeping your lawn healthy and tidy improves your property value and makes your house itself look better.

Details Matter

Mowing might seem easy, but there’s more to lawn maintenance than making grass shorter. For example, the optimal length of your grass changes from season to season and grass species to species. Further, keeping the borders distinct between your gardens and lawn makes both look better.

Landscape Health

While beauty might be the first concern regarding your lawn, lawn health matters too. Leaving your grass too long or cutting it too short can lead to grass death, pests, erosion, or flooding. After all, your grass does not operate independently of the rest of your home, so keeping your whole property in mind is vital.

What Other Lawn Care Do You Need?

Lawn Care Every Season

As important as regular lawn maintenance is, it’s only part of the picture. Your maintenance is your routine care, but every season requires additional service to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

  • Aeration – Over time, the ground beneath your lawn gets tamped down. That’s a sign of enjoying your property, but this compacted soil can create problems for your grass. The solution is aeration, which loosens your soil by poking holes and pulling up plugs of the earth beneath your grass to allow plants to grow.
  • Overseeding – After aerating your lawn, the next step is to overseed. Overseeding is throwing seeds over your property to replace grass that has died.
  • Seasonal Cleanup – Plants constantly go through their life cycles and produce debris. This debris can get in the way of your grass and other plants getting sun, water, and nutrients. Cleaning your property improves the look and ensures better lawn health.

Resource Land Care provides resourceful lawn maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, concrete, retaining walls & more in Star, Eagle & Meridian. We’re a whole property care company that can take care of nearly every one of your landscaping and home needs.

We’re your Resource to care for the land you love.