Resource Land Care Offers Resourceful Lawn Care Services In Star, Eagle, And Meridian, Idaho!

Core aerator is driven across thinning lawn in Star, ID.

What is included in our lawn care services?

Your lawn needs more than a trim now and again to keep up gorgeous and up to your standards. But, while these services are great, your lawn needs care that goes beneath the surface to target problems before they arise on your landscape. For example, your lawn needs routine aeration, overseeding, weed control, pre-emergents, and fertilizer to keep your grass and plants growing steadily. These services improve the health of your soil and promote better growth than what you’re currently seeing. Additionally, they elongate the lifespan of your lawn, ensuring it stays beautiful as long as possible!

Why choose Resource for your landscape needs?

Our company offers a lot to our customers, but we do what we can to set ourselves apart from the rest:

  • For example, we provide free estimates to anyone interested in our services, and existing customers who utilize our landscape installation services get a free power wash clean-up after!
  • We are fully capable of handling any job on your landscape, including putting you in contact with other people we network with to get you the help you need!
  • Our company is focused on professionalism being a top priority – you and every other customer will receive the same level of service, no matter what your landscape specifically needs!

What are the core benefits of this type of service?

  • Weeds will be kept at a bare minimum
    If your lawn is finally starting to thrive and grow how it should, you don’t want anything to stop that from happening. Weed control prevents excess growth of those nasty pests and keeps them from spreading across your lawn, so your grass can grow freely.
  • You’re promoting the healthier growth of grass and plants.
    Your grass and plants are strong pieces of greenery, but there is a lot that can harm them. Keeping the soil healthy and in great growing conditions will encourage your grass and plants to grow steadily, so there won’t be bare patches or thinning of your lawn.
  • The lawn will appear greener and thicker.
    We all want a luscious lawn to show off to our friends or family and enjoy when we’re outside – part of that if ensuring the lawn is green and thick. Lawn care services take care of the plants and grass specifically, so your lawn’s look will constantly be aesthetically pleasing.

Which of our other services can make this one a success?

All of our services can improve your landscape, but these impact your property’s lawn care!

Everything we do has your landscape’s best interests at heart, meaning every service we do for your lawn is as important as the last. However, there are a few services that can help make your lawn care routine even better:

  • Irrigation Installation – Your beautiful lawn with that lovely greenery can benefit from lawn care, but it still needs consistent water to survive, which is where irrigation systems come into play!
  • Lawn Maintenance – Keeping your lawn trimmed and groomed is the best way to encourage growth other than lawn care; mowing, trimming, and edging all contribute to a healthier landscape.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – Your lawn is more likely to last longer and succumb to less damage if it’s cleaned up and taken care of; getting all debris off your grass will allow it to grow after treatments.

We acknowledge that every lawn is different, but that doesn’t deter us from providing the best services for your unique space. We care about providing the best quality work for all our customers, no matter their needs. As a result, we offer the most resourceful lawn care services in Star, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho!

We’re The Resource To Care For The Land You Love!