Irrigation Services and more in Star, Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Nampa, ID.

What makes our irrigation service stand out?

The Resource Landscape team believes in going above and beyond for all our services, but we are incredibly passionate about irrigation! Our maintenance services are very comprehensive. We check your irrigation system weekly to see if any repairs are needed. We generate a monthly report to help you stay informed. The report will notify you of any issues that may occur with your irrigation system. These include leaks, electrical problems, water pressure deficits, and other repairs. We monitor your resource usage and add this data in your monthly update as well.

We also do repair work on your irrigation system. If an issue arises, our team responds quickly to resolve the problem, so your landscape doesn’t suffer. We will fix pressure issues, leaks, wiring issues, timing inconsistencies with your sprinklers, and more. Our team also replaces any worn out parts that could become a problem in the future.

Besides our excellent service quality, the amount of attention that we give your irrigation system sets us apart from others in our industry.

Why hire Resource Landscape?

There are companies all over the state of California that offer similar services. However, if you are looking for extra time and attention for your irrigation, in addition to a smarter approach to landscaping, Resource Landscape is your best choice. Some benefits of working with us include:   

  • We emphasize energy and water conservation combined with the newest, smart technology! 
  • Resource Landscape is pleased to be a friendly and green establishment. 
  • Resource Landscape offers superior customer service and satisfaction guarantees. 
  • Our proven results can cut your costs dramatically! 
  • We love helping the residents of our local communities. For this reason, we provide special prices for all first responders and veterans who choose to work with us, along with free estimates for anyone who calls!

Why is an irrigation system important?

An irrigation system helps your plant life to thrive! By ensuring the correct amount of hydration occurs, your plants are never over watered. They are evenly covered, which is challenging to accomplish with a hose consistently. Irrigation systems are incredibly cost-efficient. They can increase your property value and curb appeal. Best of all, the system can save you the time of attempting to water your property. With the capability to be hooked up to smart technology, like Alexa or GoogleHome, you can ensure your plants remain hydrated, even while you are on vacation.

The Resource Landscape team is proud to provide quality irrigation services to the residents of Ontario, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, and their surrounding areas. Are you looking for a smarter approach to your landscaping and resource management? Call us today!

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