Resourceful Drainage in Star, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho

What is Included in Our Drainage Services?

Drainage is an important service because your property’s value depends on it. We prevent flooding from taking over and destroying your landscape by moving the excess water to more needed areas. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your home flooding or your plants drowning when Resource handles your drainage needs.

When you choose Resource Land Care, you choose a team that cares about our clients and each project we do for them. For example, when the drains are installed, you won’t be able to tell unless you know the location of the drain head.

Why Choose Resource Land Care?

Our experience has taught us many valuable lessons that keep our reputation spotless. We are a strong team dedicated to improving our community and its residents.

  • Communication is key for keeping our clients in the loop with what is going on with each project.
  • Professionalism is our top priority when we are handling your landscaping needs.
  • Honesty is never compromised because it is the foundation for our reputation and business.

How Does Drainage Benefit Your Landscape?


Reduces Standing Water

When excess water is moved, using drainage systems, to areas where it won’t destroy your plant life; instead, water will hydrate your plants, and then the extra will filter into the drain and be moved to a less troublesome area. For example, a creek at the back of your property would be perfect for providing a place to drink fresh, natural water for birds, raccoons, deer, cats, and dogs.

Mini-lakes in your landscape do not promote new growth in your garden. Instead, the soil gets washed of all nutrients, and the roots are drowned. With the right drainage systems, you won’t have to worry about your landscape drowning the next time a rainstorm is overhead.

Boosts Functionality

Drains are working systems that allow your property to strengthen its functionality. Your plants will be able to grow stronger and allow the soil to become more nutritious for the roots. With less water, erosion won’t happen as often, and more topsoil will stay longer throughout the year.

Your landscape’s functionality will improve when a strong drainage system is installed. Resource also repairs and maintains the pipes so they are always in working condition.

Protects Your Property

Great drainage will protect your property from erosion and flooding, and your home won’t risk sliding off its foundation. In addition, any drainage issues will be found during regular maintenance and will relieve you of worry about damage to your plants and lawns.

Drainage Isn’t the Only Service That Benefits Your Lawn

Designing a Functional Landscape and Maintaining it is Vital

Landscaping allows you to work with our amazing team here at Resource and renovate your property to make it stronger, healthier, and more functional. Creating features that boost how the productivity of the lawn and maintaining it is the best way to keep increasing the value of your landscape.

  • Landscaping- Designing and creating flower beds, fences, outdoor living spaces, and more are important for transforming your property to the maximum.
  • Retaining Walls- Retaining walls are vital for keeping water and soil from collapsing on your landscape and ruining all the progress that has been made.
  • Lawn Maintenance- Maintaining the growth of your plant life ensures that it’s not growing into a jungle you will get lost in; we control the growth and how plants grow.

Resource Land Care provides resourceful drainage to Eagle, Star, Meridian, and their surrounding communities in Idaho.

We’re your Resource to care for the land you love.