Resourceful Landscaping, Concrete Work, Retaining Walls, And Handyman Services In Eagle, Idaho!

The lovely area of Eagle, Idaho, is set in the foothills of Boise – a pleasant suburb known for some of its luxurious accommodations for its residents. Golf courses, spas, parks, hiking trails, a beach, a zip line course, and Saturday Market all make this area something to experience. The city has also produced some notable names in media, including George Kennedy, Taylor Kelly, Tanner Magnum, Jeb Putzier, and Derek Schouman! It’s a quaint city with wonderful residents who are lucky enough to call it home.

Additionally, the area is affected by its location and weather, just like anywhere else. The weather ranges quite a bit in the southeastern part of the state. Warm to hot, dry summers to cold, dry winters – you’ll likely see it all here. Of course, May and June are the most enjoyable if you’re here to visit, but some enjoy the colder, snowy seasons a bit more. However, no matter the time of year, this city is unique in its beauty and friendliness – and we’re lucky to be part of it!

What Services Does Resource Provide in Meridian, Idaho?


We understand how important looks are regarding your property – without great landscaping, it can only look so good. However, if you have a rundown property or are looking for an upgrade, there’s no time like the present. Caring for your lawn, redoing overgrown areas, and installing new features can drastically change your landscape for the better!

Concrete Work

There are a surprising amount of concrete features on homeowner’s landscapes that upgrade the look of it and change the functionality in the best ways! Some fundamental areas that could use the concrete upgrade are driveways, walkways, curbing, and other areas that need stability – concrete work is best for you here.

Retaining Walls

Some things in life serve multiple purposes – retaining walls on your landscape is one of these brilliant creations! They’re beautiful and look great, but they are also functional and help protect your lawn from damage like soil erosion. They can be different lengths, heights, and designs with different materials to suit your desired look.

Lawn Care

Unfortunately, your beautiful lawn won’t survive long on its own without some intervention from your local lawn professionals. First, each area needs to be cared for thoroughly – some of the best ways to do that are with aeration, overseeding, pre-emergents, fertilizer, and weed control services. These will help ensure a healthy growing environment for your greenery!

Outdoor Lighting

Safety and security are two aspects of your home you’re not willing to compromise, and we don’t blame you! However, you can have both with a little help from well-placed, quality landscape lighting. These fixtures can be placed along pathways, on steps, into retaining walls, and over driveways to keep you as safe as possible.

Handyman Services

Life happens, things break, and sometimes those repairs go beyond the knowledge you have. When situations like this arise, it’s best to put your faith in those with that knowledge. Handyman services include repairs to your outdoor surfaces so they can continue functioning as they should!
Resource Land Care is fully prepared to offer resourceful landscaping, concrete work, handyman services, and more to Eagle, Idaho. Unlike other companies, we are a full-service landscape company offering many lawn space services. We also have a network of contractors to help you create the landscape of your dreams! We’re The Resource To Care For The Land You Love!