Superior Landscaping, Irrigation, and Hardscaping in Star, ID and its surrounding areas.

Star, Idaho is one of the places that truly make the state shine! It was actually named by miners and travelers who navigated their way using a prominent star on the school house in the town. With a population of just under 10,000 people, Star has many things to offer its wonderful residents. It is home to many breathtaking parks, as well as vineyards, and even a beautiful lavender farm. Star is also just a short drive from Boise, the state capital. There is something for everyone in Star.

Our company, Resource Landscape just relocated to Idaho! Our team is passionate about this new, fabulous home! Our founder, Brandon Montes, has a vast amount of education and experience in this industry and has been a part of it since he was twelve years old. After years of working for other companies and leading landscaping projects, Brandon decided to fulfill a lifelong dream. The pandemic and shut down in 2020 gave Brandon just the time he needed to start his own company finally! He wanted to provide a resource to his community and focus on conserving water. He also wanted to integrate more convenience and technology into his services. Brandon has managed to do just what he set out to do. Now he’s moved to California after falling in love with Idaho on visits. Project by project, the Resource Landscape team is dedicated to giving back to our new community!

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Resource Landscape offers what?

Resource Landscape provides a wide variety of services such as;

Landscape Consulting

This service lets us help you build your own irrigation system. Our team enables you to buy high-quality materials to meet the needs of your property. In the end, you save time and money. Best of all, you end up with long-lasting, quality results for your property.


Our landscaping is a comprehensive service. It includes design, installation, and maintenance. First, we examine your property and create a rough sketch. We want our clients to have an active role in planning for their property. Then we install your landscape and maintain it. We can handle your trimming, pruning, mulch, seasonal cleanups, and more!

In addition to the services we mentioned above, Resource Landscape also provides services in; hardscaping, sodding, aeration, seeding, landscape lighting, fertilizing, and outdoor living space services.

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